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Check out the photos of our 2019 edition Thanks to Charlotte Degheldere and Johan Samyn

Thank you

Dear sponsor, helper, athlete and supporter, This year’s edition of Triatlon door Brugge is over. As organisation we wish to thank you for the much-appreciated sponsoring, help, participation...

Wetsuit allowed but

The water temperature yesterday evening was 23,4 degrees. Today we will have another hot day. Temperature will still rize. We strongly discourage wearing a wetsuit but wearing one is not forbidden. Wear...

Competition in warm weather

- Wear light clothing, technical synthetic non cotton - Choose clothing in bright colours (don't wear black) - Drink an isotonic sports drink. During cycling 750ml, drink each 10 minuts. - Hydrate...

Key area's Triatlon door Brugge 2019

Some important changes were made regarding the race. Read the info on our website carefully - New running course counter clockwise - Finish in the gardens of Spermalie Snaggaardstraat 15 (Triatlon village) -...

We are moving

After some editions with finish on the Markt of Bruges we choose to relocate to the gardens of the hotel school Spermalie in the Snaggaardstraat. De finish area will be located in the cosy green surroundings...

Avoid spam marking

A lot of our communications like your registrationid are being send to you by mail. Avoid our mails end up in your spam folder. Two simple techniques can help avoid our mails end up in your gmail spam...

Disk Brakes Forbidden

We just received the message from the VTDL that race bikes with disk brakes are prohibited during triathlon races. Due to the fact that the ITU/BDTF/VTDL follows the UCI regulations regarding road bikes,...

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