Thank you

Dear sponsor, helper, athlete and supporter,

This year’s edition of Triatlon door Brugge is over. As organisation we wish to thank you for the much-appreciated sponsoring, help, participation and support. Despite the heat great performances were set, boundaries were pushed, and challenges were realized. Co-workers withstood hours of buring sun to make the race possible for our athletes. Athletes loved the new course and could enjoy the green finish area of Hotel school Spermalie, which provided their infrastructure and lovely gardens. All close together and everybody happy. Just like the old days when we were located next to the windmills of Bruges but now even greater. Triatlon door Brugge is more than triatlon … it’s party time!

As an organisation we took the challenge to relocate and renew our format. A risk which turned out to be appreciated by many. We keep searching in order to improve and renew our format. Only the best will do, and we hope to succeed in providing an appropriate experience.

We love to see you again next year on the 27th of June !

Wetsuit allowed but

The water temperature yesterday evening was 23,4 degrees. Today we will have another hot day. Temperature will still rize. We strongly discourage wearing a wetsuit but wearing one is not forbidden. Wear the upper half only just before the start.

Competition in warm weather

- Wear light clothing, technical synthetic non cotton
- Choose clothing in bright colours (don't wear black)
- Drink an isotonic sports drink. During cycling 750ml, drink each 10 minuts.
- Hydrate prior to the race
- Try to stay in the shadow before the start
- Wear a cap during running
- Stop at the aid station in order to drink

Key area's Triatlon door Brugge 2019

Some important changes were made regarding the race.
Read the info on our website carefully
- New running course counter clockwise
- Finish in the gardens of Spermalie Snaggaardstraat 15 (Triatlon village)
- Athlete bag drop off next to the finish. So after bike check-in drop off personal belongings at Snaggaardstraat 15.
- Our Triatlon village is reachable via Snaggaardbrug and Snaggaardstraat.