Race info individual


A.1. Information Package

Before the race each athlete will receive an email with basic race information, start number, and time they need to sign up at the race office.

A.2. Registration at the Race Office

You find the race office in the school Spermalie (Oliebaan nr 5), close to the transition area.

Athletes with an uneven start number can enlist between 13h15 and 15h00, athletes with an even start number between 14h30 and 16h15.

A.3. Race Bag & Chip

You can obtain your race bag and chip in the race office. Your identity will be checked via passport or competition license.


  • Personal Championchips are not allowed, only the one provided by the organisation.

An envelope containing: (please check)

  • A personalised start number
  • Two numbered Tyvek wristbands : one for the bike and one for your wrist
  • A color swim cap (you need to wear it)
  • Two plastic bags (stick one of your numbers on each bag)

A bag for your wetsuit and sport items, to be used in the transition area.

A street wear bag for your personal belongings. You can drop off this bag next to the finish (Snaggaardstraat 15).

A.4. Check-in Transition Area

The transition area opens at 14h30 and closes at 16h45 sharp. You cannot enter the race if you show up after 16h45. By 16h50 all athletes should have left the transition area.

Check-in areas:

  • Pro’s and trio’s: check-in via Potterierei (next to the Snaggaardbrug)
  • Ladies, Age-groups and Swim-run : via the gate in the E. Zorghestraat (only reachable via Carmerstraat)

Will be checked: helmed and bike condition

Bike needs to comply to non-drafting race: only race bikes and time trial bikes (in good condition) allowed, no city bikes or mountainbikes. In the transition area your bike need to be stored on the frame marked with your start number.

Prior to entering the transition area, please fix the Tyvek wristband to your wrist and bike. Only the athlete with wristband can do the bike check in.

Boxes with maximum measures (L45xB35xD25cm) are allowed. No personal bags, only the ones provided by the organisation. For the athletes of the swim-run a box will be provided by the organisation.

B.  During the Race

B.1. Swim

Distance: 1km
Start: Sasplein
End Swim: St-Leocollege / transition area

You’re not allowed to swim with your race number (leave it in the transition area).

Nothing can be deposited at the swim start. Trash can be disposed in trash cans.

B.2.Transition Swim - Bike

After swim: Fix helmet and race number, take bike and run to the start line at the exit (E. Zorghestraat). No cycling is allowed in the transition area. The bike course starts in the E. Zorghestraat on the right.

B.3. Cycling

One lap of 45km

After cycling: Enter the transition area via the Potterierei. At the entrance of the transition area, get of the bike and run to your numbered place, store your bike on the frame carrying your number.

While running in the transition area keep your helmet on you can remove your helmet when your bike is on the frame.

DRAFTING and BLOCKING are prohibited!!!

  • Be disciplined: sometimes the bike course goes over narrow roads, don’t draft!
  • Drafting zone: keep distance from other athletes 3m sideways and 10m in front or back
  • Blocking: cycling next to another athlete is also prohibited. Overtaking should be done within 30 seconds.

Penalties for drafting and blocking:

  • Yellow card: For each card you will spend 2 minutes in the penalty box. If you receive 3 yellow cards you will be disqualified
  • Red card: Means disqualified. For drafting or other serious faults.

Penalty box

At the exit of the transition area, before the run part (E. Zorghestraat), you’ll find the penalty box.

Athletes who received one or more yellow cards need to register at the penalty box. Skipping the penalty box means disqualification.

The full regulation can be found on the website of the VTDL:


B.4. Running

The run course starts at the E. Zorghestraat, take right when you leave the transition area. Next you go left in order to start the run course.

Course: 2 Laps - 10km (first Lap 6K, second Lap 4k)

The are 2 aid stations on the run course were you have water or sports drinks.

Finish: race number in front please


C.1. Athlete Zone (Recovery)

Only for athletes

Free drinks and food (mainly fruit, candies, …) in the recovery zone.

Possibility to view your result on TV. 

C.2. First Aid Station

The Red Cross is on site (Grote Markt)

C.3. Showers

Next to the Race Office (Oliebaan nr 5) 

C.4. Chip Return

The chip needs to be returned directly at the finish, you will receive a gift in return.

C.5. Bike Check Out

Don’t remove your Tyvek wristband before you check out your bike. Only you can pick up your bike.

Please pick up your bike before 23h30. After that timing the transition area will be closed.