Traffic Info

Info 2019

In order to organise the triathlon in a safe and easy way no parking will be allowed on the 28th of June from 8h30 till the 29th of June 24h00 in the Potterierei between the Snaggaardbrug and the Carmersbrug. Also on the 29th of June from 8h00 till 24h00 in the following streets:
Komvest, Wulpenstraat, Walweinstraat, Yzerstraat, Houtkaai, Lange rei, Potterierei, Carmersstraat (between Potterierei and Ropeerdstraat), Sasplein, J&M Sabbestraat, P. Stockstraat and Verversdijk.

The following roads will be closed for all traffic:
On Friday the 28th of June 18h00 till the 29th June 24h00: Potterierei between Snaggaardbrug and Carmersbrug.
On Saturday 29th of June 8h00 till end: E. Zorghestraat.
On Saturday 29th of June 14h00 till end: Potterierei.
On Saturday 29th of June 16h00 till end: Zuidzandstraat, Steenstraat, Markt, Snaggaardstraat.
On Saturday 29th of June 16h30 till end of the cycling part: The complete cycle course, main bridge Dampoort, Warandebrug, cycling bridge Komvest, Krakelebrug and Scheepsdalebrug (see course info)
The Sint-Pieterkaai will be closed for all traffic on Saturday the 29th of June from 17h00 till 21h15 from the Scheepsdalebrug till the Warandebrug, the lanes in the direction of the Warandebrug. Follow the marked detour.

On Saturday the 29th of June 17h30 till end: The complete running course.

The city buses (De Lijn) will stop their service between 15h30 and 24h00 on all lines running over the race course. For more information you can contact De Lijn on the following number: +32(0)70220200

If you still have questions or remarks you can check or contact the Police via phone on +32(0)50448844