Triatlon door Brugge 2021 on Saturday 26th of June

Dear Athlete,

Your might wonder if there will be a Triatlon door Brugge in 2021. We plan our race on the 26th of June, but since there are corona measures on hand this will be a rather light version of our known race. At this moment no one can tell us what the measures will be on race day and the number of athletes that can start.
However a race needs preparation, so we will plan the race with the corona measures in mind that were in effect last summer when some races could start. We already have taken into consideration some measures as to be prepared. First one is that probably the number of athletes able to participate will be restricted, therefore we will limit the number of starting tickets. So for the moment no new subscriptions are accepted for 2021 and athletes having a ticket from last year get priority. Other measures are, distance in the transition zone, start and finish. Spectators not allowed is also something we will have to take into consideration as a possibility.

Every athlete who had a ticket for the 2020 race has 4 options to chose from in 2021
1. First of all we prolong the term to cancel last year’s ticket. When canceled we will refund 70% of the ticket. When you want to cancel please send a mail to stating registrationID, name and surname and the bank account to make the refund to. All cancellations have to reach us before February 15 to be valid. Who chooses not to cancel has 1 of below 3 options.
2. One chooses not the participate in 2021, tickets stays valid for the 2022 race.
3. One will use his ticket for the race in 2021. After February 15 subscription will open and one can subscribe with the same registrationID.
4. The athlete will use his ticket in 2022 but nevertheless wants to start in the 2021 race. In this case he can and has to pay 53 euro to participate for the 2021 race. Athletes that are using their ticket in 2021 will have priority when numbers exceed available slots
People choosing option 2, 3 or 4 will get more info after February 15.

We will keep a close eye on the evolution of the corona measures and as soon as there is more data we will keep you up to date.
Be assured that we will do everything possible to have a race in 2021, but if no races will be allowed, we too will have to accept that decision. So let's hope corona stats go in the right direction and keep going in the right direction.

Kind regards
Triatlon door Brugge

Thank you

Dear sponsor, helper, athlete and supporter,

This year’s edition of Triatlon door Brugge is over. As organisation we wish to thank you for the much-appreciated sponsoring, help, participation and support. Despite the heat great performances were set, boundaries were pushed, and challenges were realized. Co-workers withstood hours of buring sun to make the race possible for our athletes. Athletes loved the new course and could enjoy the green finish area of Hotel school Spermalie, which provided their infrastructure and lovely gardens. All close together and everybody happy. Just like the old days when we were located next to the windmills of Bruges but now even greater. Triatlon door Brugge is more than triatlon … it’s party time!

As an organisation we took the challenge to relocate and renew our format. A risk which turned out to be appreciated by many. We keep searching in order to improve and renew our format. Only the best will do, and we hope to succeed in providing an appropriate experience.

We love to see you again next year on the 27th of June !